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Some of the Drivers.

Lukasz Gadowski


Micromobility Enthusiast, Entrepreneur by heart & thumb on the throttle. Founder of Delivery Hero, Member of the board Grin, Volocopter, Team Europe.

Carlos Bhola


Serial Entrepreneur & Mobility Leader. Connecting the dots & Building great companies. Acquired HERE maps. Member of the Board, Grin. Former Credit Suisse, BCG.

Tim Rucquoi-Berger


Fights Carbon with a passion, dreams in Mandarin & makes sure flash has the best vehicles on the street. Former CMIG, NPEA, Tsing Capital.

Dr. Boris Mittermüller


High-energy problem-solver with a passion for building world-class businesses with great talent, pre- and post IPO. Co-Founder of Foodora, former SVP at Delivery Hero and McKinsey consultant.

Christian Angele


Motto: quality in, quality out. Building great companies is what gets him up in the morning. Responsible for hiring the best people for flash. Co-Founder and others.

Yvonne Yang


PhD in Li batteries; Interested in research and investment; Involved in Blockchain and Battery Recycling startups.

Erman Wang


Entrepreneur and investor; Expert in supply chain and auto industry in US, China and Europe; More than 18-year experience in Ford, Johnson Controls amongst others; Executive partner in Tsing capital; Founder of and DL Capital.

Markus Müller


Passionate about building great people-first organisations that release amazing quality products redefining industry standards. Former N26.

Robert Woloschanowski


Mobility enthusiast and entrepreneurial mind. Crafting integrated experiences that move people. Former Gogoro, Coup Mobility, BCGDV, Here.

Dajana Miličić


Operations expert, former Uber. Passionate about providing seamless, hazzle-free experience for people moving from A to B. Micromobility all the way!

Dmytro Boguslavskyy


Mobility Entrepreneur, hustling, bustling & making things talk. Founder of Sacoora, Apps at Quandoo, mc Group.

Stephan Hahn


Mechanical engineer and a Professional in lightweight electric vehicles for over 20 years. 4 wheels move your body, 2 wheels move your soul.

Torge Barkholtz

GM Switzerland

Runner of mystery Betas, Keeper of the Alps. Former Käfer, tb|projektvision.

Felix Petersen

GM Portugal

Professional optimist and general enthusiast. Making sure the Wild West is won. Co-Founder Amen, Plazes, former Nokia Gate5, Samsung NEXT.

Stéphane Mac Millan

GM France

Expert of moving food from A to B, now taking on the next challenge: micromobility! Ex-CEO foodora France.

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flash is assembling a talented team of passionate professionals. From Urban Planning to Shared Mobility, including Industrial Design and User Experience.

Headquartered in Berlin, we are building a distributed organization with independent local teams in major cities in Europe and around the World.

We are seeking outstanding talent to join us and shape this exciting journey.

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